Animated Valorant Webcam Overlay

Animated Valorant Webcam Overlay


Valorant is finaly here and we celebrate it with our very won interpretation of a webcam overlay for it. We are proud to present an animated version aswell for the first time on our website. If you are going to stream Valorant you should definitely use this webcam overlay to get your viewer count going.
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A Facecam Overlay should fit into your channels concept. It looks even cooler, when it matches the Game Overlay you are using and especially the stream panels you use.

The Valorant Facecam Overlay comes in 16:9 and 4:3 format.

Resolution: 543 x 310
Animated: 600 x 400
Format: PNG/MOV
Parts: 2


This webcam overlay is made for the shooter Valorant from Riot Games. It is very clean and simple with matching colors and style to Valorant. Valorant is the CS:GO/Overwatch approach from the maker of League of Legends wich will hopefully also become very popular. If you plan to stream Valorant this Facecam Overlay is the right one for you.

Animated version:



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Some Extra Information

Ancient / Futuristic

Mixed Modern and Futuristic.

This Webcam Overlay is very modern and it has a futuristic and look to it. It’s color and visuals are perfect for Riot’s new shooter game and CS:GO rival Valorant.


Files come in PNG format and are made to fit a 16:9 webcam feed. Animated version comes in .mov format.

Easy to use Facecam, just put the PNG file above your webcam picture and crop it.

This webcam overlay contains 2 PNG files. The animated version contains a .mov file aswell.

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