Stream Overlays

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Stream Overlays

Stream Overlays are an essential part of every stream. A Stream Overlay gives you space and options to display your latest subscribers, donators, followers, or the music you listen to in your stream. Our Stream Overlays

consist of several parts, which you can arrange via OBS or Xsplit in the way you like. In addition, we have Animated Overlays in WebM format and Static Overlays, which come in PNG format. All our Overlays are easy to use and do not require any further knowledge. However, if you need any help, make sure to Visit our F.A.Q. section.

OBS Overlays

If you’re using OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to stream, you can easily add overlays to your stream using the software’s built-in features. In addition, OBS allows you to add multiple layers to your stream, including images, text, and even videos. As a result, you can create a dynamic and visually exciting stream without additional software or tools. You’ll find our best OBS Overlays on this site.

YouTube and Streamlabs Overlays

If you’re a YouTuber or use Streamlabs to stream, you can also add overlays to your content. Streamlabs offers a wide range of overlays for different types of content, including gaming, music, and talk shows. You can customize these with your branding and design elements and easily integrate them into your YouTube videos or Streamlabs stream.

If you are looking for the Best Stream Overlays, OBS Overlays, and Twitch Templates, you are at the right place. But, of course, you can also look at our list of 100+ Free Twitch Overlays.