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Top 5 Best Monitors for Streaming

Winner for best Monitor for live streaming 2022

Top 5 Monitors for Streaming

Here’s the deal: you could have the latest gaming console, the best graphics card, and the fastest CPU, but without a high-performance gaming monitor, well, all those features are just dust in the wind. Monitors are the gatekeepers of the gaming experience and determine what is and isn’t possible. So, which one should you get? One look online, and you’ll be overwhelmed with the sheer number of options. But have no fear! We are here to help.

After careful consideration, we created a list of the five best gaming monitors on the market. These devices will allow you to reap the benefits of top-of-line PCs and consoles and give you the ultimate gaming experience. Who doesn’t want that, right? Before we get into it, remember that each monitor has its pros and cons (which we include), and you should go for the one that calls out to you. It’s your gaming experience, after all!

Best Monitor for Live Streaming

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is one of the best monitors for live streaming in 2022
(Image Credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is an impressive 49-inch curved gaming monitor that stands out for its DWQHD resolution (5120 x 1440) and Quantum Mini-LED VA panel. In addition, this high-quality panel offers a high contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, which delivers vivid images with rich colors and excellent detail accuracy.

Image quality: The Quantum Mini-LED VA panel delivers a high contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1, which provides vivid images and rich colors. Combined with a high resolution of 5120 x 1440 pixels, the monitor offers an impressive image quality that will impress gamers and demanding users alike.

Performance: Gaming enthusiasts will appreciate the smooth gaming experience provided by the AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and G-Sync compatibility, the 240Hz refresh rate, and a response time of just 1 ms. These features effectively minimize stuttering and distortion in gameplay, providing a responsive and smooth gaming experience.

Comfort features: The Eye Saver Mode reduces the strain of harmful blue light emissions, keeping your eyes relaxed even during extended use. Additionally, the Flicker Free technology continuously cleans up screen flickering, contributing to eye comfort.

Connections and connectivity: The monitor has several ports, including 2x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort, 2x USB, and a headphone jack. This provides high flexibility when connecting to different devices and allows easy integration into existing setup environments.

Conclusion: Overall, the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 is a powerful, impressive curved gaming monitor ideal for demanding gamers seeking an immersive and smooth gaming experience. The excellent image quality, fast response times, and versatile connectivity options make it attractive for gamers willing to invest in a premium display.


  • Immersive display. -Large 49-inch screen with an impressive DWQHD resolution (5120 x 1440) for a detailed and immersive gaming experience.
  • Quantum Mini-LED VA panel for vivid images with rich colors and a high contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.
  • 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time for smooth gaming without stuttering and distortion.
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Pro and G-Sync compatibility for synchronized and seamless gameplay.
  • 1000R curvature for an even more intense and captivating experience.
  • Eye Saver Mode and Flicker Free technology to protect your eyes during long gaming sessions.
  • Versatile connectivity options, including 2x HDMI, 1x DisplayPort, 2x USB, and headphone jack.


  • The Full-HD resolution (1920 x 1080) may be less impressive for some users compared to higher resolution monitors.
  • Only 24.5 inches in size.
  • High price.

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Dell S3222DGM is one of the best monitors for live streaming in 2022
(Image Credit: Dell)

The Dell Gaming Monitor S2722DGM is a 27-inch gaming monitor with a WQHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 that stands out for its VA panel technology, fast 1ms response time, and 165Hz refresh rate. This review will examine the monitor’s key features and determine whether it is a good choice for gamers.

Image quality and performance: The S2722DGM features VA panel technology that provides a high contrast ratio of 3,000:1, resulting in deeper blacks and brighter whites. The 99% sRGB color coverage and wide viewing angle of 178 degrees ensure vibrant and accurate colors. In addition, the 165Hz refresh rate allows for fast and smooth display of motion, which is particularly advantageous for action-packed games.

Curved design and slim bezels: The curved 1,500R screen of the S2722DGM and the slim bezel on three sides offer an immersive gaming experience by expanding the field of view while reducing distortions, glares, and reflections.

Heat dissipation and ComfortView: The ventilation slots on the back of the monitor are designed for improved heat dissipation, so you can play for hours without worrying about overheating. The ComfortView software solution also reduces harmful blue light emissions, reducing eye strain during long gaming sessions.

Connectivity: The Dell S2722DGM offers various connectivity options, including 2x HDMI 2.0 ports, 1x DisplayPort 1.2, and a headphone output.

Conclusion: The Dell Gaming Monitor S2722DGM is a solid gaming monitor with impressive QHD resolution, a VA panel with a high contrast ratio, and a fast refresh rate. The curved design and slim bezels provide an immersive gaming experience, while the ComfortView software and effective heat dissipation enable longer use without eye strain or overheating. The Dell S2722DGM is a good choice for gamers who value image quality, fast response times, and appealing design.


  • Mid-range price point QHD resolution (2560 x 1440) for detailed and sharp image quality.
  • VA panel technology with high contrast ratio (3,000:1) for deeper blacks and brighter whites.
  • 165Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time for smooth and fast gameplay.
  • Curved 1,500R design and slim bezel for an immersive gaming experience.
  • ComfortView software solution to reduce harmful blue light emissions. Improved heat dissipation through ventilation slots on the back of the monitor.
  • Various connectivity options including HDMI 2.0 (x2), DisplayPort 1.2, and headphone output.


  • The VA panel technology may be less attractive for some users who are looking for the color accuracy of an IPS panel.
  • No built-in speakers, which may require purchasing additional audio devices.

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MSI Oculux NXG253R is one of the best monitors for live streaming in 2022
(Image Credit: MSI)

The MSI Oculux NXG253RDE is a 24.5-inch esports gaming monitor that stands out for its Full-HD resolutionRapid-IPS panel, and impressive 360 Hz refresh rate. We will look closer at its features to see what it’s capable of.

Quality and Performance: The Oculux NXG253RDE features a 1920 x 1080 Rapid-IPS panel with a 16:9 aspect ratio that supports up to 1.07 billion colors, a brightness of 400 cd/m², and a contrast ratio of 1000:1. Anti-flicker technology and a glare/blue light reduction filter contribute to eye-friendly use. The monitor is also HDR-capable, which provides better color and contrast representation.

Refresh Rate and Response Time: With an extremely high refresh rate of 360 Hz and a response time of 1 ms, the Oculux NXG253RDE offers remarkable performance for demanding FPS gamers. In addition, the NVIDIA G-SYNC technology and the Latency Analyzer ensure smooth and error-free tracking, avoiding choppy frame rates.

Frameless Design and Mystic Light: The monitor’s frameless design reduces the border lines between multiple screens, allowing for a seamless arrangement for multi-monitor setups. The Mystic Light backlighting on the back offers customizable RGB LED lighting for individual aesthetics.

Connectivity: The MSI Oculux NXG253RDE offers numerous connectivity options, including a 1x DisplayPort 1.4 (1920 x 1080/360 Hz), 2x HDMI 2.0b (1920 x 1080/240 Hz), 1x USB 3.2 Gen1 Type B, 3x USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A, and 1x headphone output. The 5-way joystick navigator allows for easy operation of the monitor.

Flexible Stand and VESA Compatibility: The 4-way adjustable stand allows for tilt, swivel, pivot, and height adjustments, so you can customize the monitor to your needs. The monitor is also VESA compatible (100 x 100 mm) and can be mounted on a wall bracket or monitor arm.

Conclusion: The MSI Oculux NXG253RDE is an impressive Esports gaming monitor that stands out for its exceptional refresh rate, fast response time, Rapid-IPS panel, and frameless design. The extensive connectivity options and customizable Mystic Light backlighting are additional benefits that make this monitor attractive for demanding gamers. The HDR support and ergonomic stand adjustment options complete the overall package. Overall, the MSI Oculux NXG253RDE is a solid investment for those looking for a fast and responsive gaming experience without compromising image quality.


  • Impressive 360 Hz refresh rate and fast 1 ms response time for responsive gameplay.
  • Rapid-IPS panel for excellent color accuracy and brightness.
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC technology and Latency Analyzer for smooth and error-free tracking.
  • Frameless design that is ideal for multi-monitor setups.
  • Extensive connectivity options: DisplayPort 1.4, 2x HDMI 2.0b, USB 3.2 Gen1 Type B, 3x USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A.
  • Customizable Mystic Light RGB LED lighting and flexible stand for individual adjustments.
  • HDR capable for better color and contrast representation.
  • Anti-flicker technology and a blend/blue light reduction filter for eye-friendly gaming.


  • Conservative screen size.
  • Only 1080p resolution abilities.

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AOC Agon AG275QZN is one of the best monitors for lstreaming
(Image Credit: AOC)

The AOC Agon PRO AG274QG is a 27-inch gaming monitor that stands out for its WQHD resolution (2560 x 1440) and 240 Hz refresh rate. This review will look at its key features and determine if it’s worth its price.

Picture Quality and Performance: The AG274QG offers a high-contrast VA panel with a brightness of 400 cd/m² and a contrast ratio of 3,000:1. The color reproduction is vivid and accurate. The fast refresh rate of 240 Hz, combined with a response time of 0.5 ms MPRT and low input lag, ensures an incredibly smooth and responsive gameplay experience. This is particularly advantageous for fast-paced FPS, racing, and RTS games.

Design and Ergonomics: The monitor features a matte display and a slim frame that makes for a very appealing overall look. The detachable stand is 150 mm height adjustable and VESA-compatible (100 x 100), allowing the monitor to be easily mounted on a wall or a monitor arm. In addition, the FlickerFree and Low-Blue-Light technology ensures comfortable to use without unnecessary strain on the eyes.

Connectivity and Extras: The AG274QG offers a variety of connections, including 2x HDMI 2.0, 2x DisplayPort 1.4, and a USB hub with 4x USB 3.2 ports. This allows the monitor to be easily connected to different devices, and USB devices can be connected directly. The monitor also features a headphone output.

Presets and Customization Options: The AOC Agon PRO AG274QG offers built-in presets for FPS, racing, and RTS games. In addition, users can set and save their own settings from optimizing their personal gaming experience.

Conclusion: The AOC Agon PRO AG274QG is an excellent gaming monitor with its fast refresh rate, low response time, and excellent picture quality. The additional features, such as the FlickerFree and Low-Blue-Light technology, customization options, and various connections, make it an excellent choice for demanding gamers.


  • High refresh rate of 240 Hz and fast response time of 0.5 ms MPRT for smooth gameplay.
  • High contrast VA panel with excellent image quality.
  • FlickerFree and Low-Blue-Light technology for eye-friendly gaming.
  • Integrated presets for different game genres and customization options.
  • Versatile connectivity options: 2x HDMI 2.0, 2x DisplayPort 1.4, USB Hub 4x 3.2.


  • The VA panel may fall behind IPS panels in terms of color accuracy and viewing angles (depending on individual preferences).

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Samsung Odyssey G7 is one of the best monitors for lstreaming

The Alienware AW2721D is a 32-inch gaming monitor that stands out for its WQHD resolution (2560 x 1440) and 240 Hz refresh rate. This review will examine its main features and determine if it’s worth its price.

Design and Build: The Samsung Odyssey G7 is a sleek, stylish curved gaming monitor with a 32-inch WQHD (2560×1440) display. Its 1000R curvature is designed to match the human eye’s curvature, offering maximum immersion and minimal eye strain. In addition, the build quality is solid and well-crafted, ensuring durability and longevity.

Image Quality: The WQHD resolution delivers 1.7 times the pixel density of Full HD, resulting in incredibly detailed and sharp images. The cutting-edge QLED technology with Quantum Dot provides more vivid colors with 125% more color space than sRGB, ensuring top-notch color reproduction. With HDR 600 support, the monitor reveals hidden details and incredible depth to your gaming world, enhancing your overall experience.

Performance: With a rapid 240Hz refresh rate, the Odyssey G7 ensures smooth gameplay and quick response times, allowing you to stay on top of leaderboards. The lightning-fast 1ms response time ensures that you receive information as quickly as technologically possible, making a significant difference in fast-paced games. The monitor also supports NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync Premium Pro, ensuring that it matches every frame from your graphics card to avoid dropped frames and provide a seamless gaming experience.

Conclusion: Overall, the Samsung Odyssey G7 is an outstanding curved gaming monitor that provides an immersive and smooth gaming experience. Its excellent image quality, fast response times, and support for both G-SYNC and FreeSync make it an attractive option for gamers seeking a high-performance display. In addition, the visually striking Infinity Core Lighting design adds a touch of sophistication to any gaming setup, ensuring that the monitor performs well and looks fantastic.


  • Immersive 1000R curvature for maximum immersion and minimal eye strain
  • WQHD resolution and QLED technology for excellent image quality
  • Rapid 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time for smooth gameplay
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC and FreeSync Premium Pro support for seamless gaming
  • Stunning Infinity Core Lighting for an aesthetically pleasing setup


  • The curved design may not be suitable for everyone’s preferences
  • Lack of built-in speakers

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Conclusion for the best monitors

Your gaming experience hinges on what your monitor can and can’t handle. When you invest a big chunk of cash into top-of-the-line gaming consoles and PCs, it’s important to consider what you’re going to plug it into.
We got very expensive options as well as some moderate ones in our list of the best monitors. But all of the monitors we have listed are very good are of a very high quality.
So, whether you are just starting out or want to upgrade your current equipment, choosing from our list of best gaming monitors is a foolproof way to ensure you make the right choice.

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