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What is a Facecam Frame

Facecam overlays are explained quite simply, a facecam frame is the name given to the frame that many streamers have around their facecam in their Youtube or Twitch overlays. 90% of all streamers who stream on Twitch, Facebook, or Youtube with a webcam surround their cam with a facecam border. As one of the most visible parts of your animated streaming overlay, the webcam overlay is the part that is most likely to keep new viewers on your stream. Therefore the choice and the design of the facecam border for your overlay is very important. You can choose from many different webcam borders. But a uniform design of your overlay including your twitch alerts, twitch panels and sub badges and should have a high priority.

What are the different types of Facecam frames?

There are many different types of facecam borders that one can use and that are also used by many major streamers. The different types of webcam borders include Animated Facecam overlays, Non-Animated Webcam Frames, or Cute Webcam Frames. Most of the time, the design of the facecam border matches the rest of the Youtube or Twitch overlay, i.e. the general stream overlay, the start and end settings, the Twitch alerts, the pause screens, the Twitch panels and the sub badges. An animated facecam frame is the best choice in terms of optics. Animated Facecam borders make a very professional impression on potential new viewers and are crucial for a good animated Twitch Overlay Template.

Why do I need a Facecam frame?

The facecam overlay should be one of the most important parts of your stream overlay, as it is permanently visible to your viewers during your stream and directly makes an impression on potential new viewers. With an animated webcam border, you make a professional impression on your viewer. A professional impression is very important, not only for your existing viewers but also for new viewers who have found your stream by chance and then get stuck with your stream.

Can I also make Facecam frames myself?

The short simple answer is: yes, you can design your very own webcam frame. You don’t need much for that. A simple graphics program is sufficient for this, with which you can create Facecam borders png files. There are many tutorials on Youtube that will teach you the basics of how to create a simple webcam border. However, you need a lot of time and patience and sometimes quite expensive programs to create high quality and well-designed webcam frames. In particular, animated webcam borders need a completely different skill set and different programs than normal webcam frames. Furthermore, you should make sure that ideally all of your Youtube or Twitch overlays fit together. This creates a professional impression and your webcam border can be better integrated into your stream overlay. Our facecam frames in our bundles in the shop are color and design coordinated. Our designers created our animated and non-animated Facecam borders with the necessary know-how and a sense for detail and adapted them to the rest of the overlay in the bundles.

Advanced Facecam Frame design from the Cyber Assault Template Bundle

Do you also offer free facecam frames?

You can currently not find any free facecam borders in our shop. If you want to be kept informed about news and updates, follow us on our social media channels such as Instagram. There we will inform you about new products and also new free facecam frames. As already described above, our designers create the facecam borders available in our shop with a lot of time and the necessary experience. Our priority is high quality and well-designed product. That is why new products such as animated webcam frames and generally animated stream overlay designs have the highest priority.

Which Facecam border suits me best?

Finding the right facecam frame is probably comparable to choosing the color of your car. You decide on a webcam frame design that shows the longest and most frequently visible Youtube or Twitch overlay on your stream. As your “figurehead”, your webcam border is usually what new viewers see first in your stream. And as everyone knows, the first impression is known to be the most important. That’s why we recommend a uniform and well-structured overlay-spanning design for your webcam frame and the other parts of your Youtube or Twitch overlay. Take a look at our shop, there you will find various bundles that are thematically designed and coordinated with each other. Let yourself be inspired by our range of webcam borders and especially our animated webcam borders.

Do you also make custom facecam frames?

In our shop, you can currently not find any offer for custom webcam frames. The time required and thus also the costs for a custom webcam frame are significantly greater. Therefore, you should be ready to dig a little deeper into your pocket. Also, the effort varies with the type of custom facecam border. Animated custom facecam overlays are more time-consuming than non-animated custom webcam borders. However, if you want a custom webcam frame, contact us on our website. It is best to think about how your custom facecam border should look in advance. If you then have an idea of ​​what you want, contact us and we will send you an offer.

How can I integrate my facecam frame into my stream overlay?

Like all of our overlays, our webcam frames are very easy to integrate with all common streaming programs such as Streamlabs OBS or Stream Elements. If you want to integrate your very own facecam frame into your Twitch or Youtube overlay, you only need a facecam frame PNG or WebM. You can then insert this into your overlay using the programs mentioned above. The webcam frames and all other Facebook, Youtube, or Twitch overlays that are available in our shop are of course delivered in the required formats.

Our conclusion on Facecam frames.

If you often watch the streams of streamers with a very large range, you may notice that they often do not use a webcam frame at all. These streamers already have a huge range. For them, it is no longer as important as their stream overlay and thus also their facecam border looks like. However, in our opinion, a well-structured and well-designed streaming overlay is very important for prospective and future streamers. Many potential viewers feel more comfortable with a professional streamer than with someone without a proper streaming overlay. The facecam border is one of the most important Twitch or Youtube overlays, as it is the part that is visible to your viewers all the time during your stream. He leaves the biggest and most lasting impression on new potential followers. So our advice is: A facecam frame is very important for your stream to leave a good impression on your community as well as potential new viewers. It is not so important whether you have an animated or a non-animated webcam border. The main thing is that your webcam frame harmonizes with a uniform design and attracts new viewers.

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