Nebula Galaxy animated Webcam Overlays


Nebula Galaxy Webcam Overlays


Includes 19% VAT
Includes 19% VAT

The Nebula Galaxy webcam overlays, with its power of a thousand stars, will make your Twitch, YouTube or Facebook stream a real Highlight.

A Facecam Overlay should fit into your channels concept. It looks even cooler, when it matches the Game Overlay you are using.

The Nebula Galaxy webcam overlay comes in 16:9 format.

Resolution: 800 x 450
Format: WebM
Parts: 4


Webcam Overlays:

The Nebula Galaxy Webcam Bundle will shoot your stream into a brand new galaxy.

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Some Extra Information

Animated Webcam Overlay.

Our Animated Webcam Overlays are short videos in .webM format with a length of 10sec. (if not stated otherwise) The Animated Webcam Overlays are Loop-able and easy to use with OBS, Streamlabs and other Stream-Service providers.

The webcam files come in WebM format and are made to fit a 16:9 webcam feed.

Easy to use, Drag and Drop Webcam Overlay. You’ll receive 4 WebM videofiles.

This webcam overlay contains 4 WebM Files.

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