Valorant Webcam Overlay - Stalker Edition

Animated Valorant Webcam Overlay Stalker Edition


Includes 19% VAT
Includes 19% VAT

The Valorant Webcam Overlay – Stalker Edition uses very strong and matching colors which are generating a high contrast together. The Webcam Overlay uses the typical Valorant colors, a vibrant red, dark blue and white. The Stalker Edition Includes 4 Versions of the Webcam Overlay each as animated (WebM) and static (PNG).

A Facecam Overlay should fit into your channels concept. It looks even cooler, when it matches the Game Overlay you are using and especially the stream panels you use.

The Valorant Facecam Overlay comes in 16:9 format.

Resolution: 650 x 450
Format: PNG/WebM
Parts: 8


Animated version:

This webcam overlay design is inspired by the shooter Valorant from Riot Games. It makes use of the same color pallet as Valorant in their marketing. The subtle animated effects along with the more visual once make the composition feel very alive to the viewers eye.
The Valorant Webcam Overlay - Stalker Edition contains two versions of the webcam, one for normal background and one for green-screen background.

The complete Stalker Edition will be availible soon and will contain Stream Alerts, Stream Panels, Stream Overlay and Offline-, Online-, Intermission-, Starting-Screen.

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Some Extra Information

Ancient / Futuristic

From Iron to Valorant.

This webcam overlay is part of our Valorant Series and celebrates the release of Valorant on the 2nd of June 2020. The Webcam Overlay can most certainly be used for other games as well, it does not use any Valorant logo. It looks very futuristic and modern.

Animated Webcam Overlay.

Our Animated Webcam Overlays are short videos in .webM format with a length of 30sec. (if not stated otherwise) The Animated Webcam Overlays are Loop-able and easy to use with OBS, Streamlabs and other Stream-Service providers.


Files come in PNG format and are made to fit a 16:9 webcam feed.

Easy to use Webcam Overlay, just put the PNG or WebM file above your webcam picture and crop it.

This webcam overlay contains 4 PNG files and 4 WebM Files.

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