Animated Neon Lights Webcam Overlay Bundle


Animated Neon Lights Webcam Overlay Bundle


Includes 19% VAT
Includes 19% VAT

The Neon Light webcam overlay bundle, with its glourious night club vibe, will make your Twitch, YouTube or Facebook stream a real Highlight.

A Facecam Overlay should fit into your channels concept. It looks even cooler, when it matches the Game Overlay you are using.

The Neon Lights webcam overlay comes in 16:9 format.

Resolution: 800 x 450
Format: WebM
Parts: 4


Webcam Overlay:

The Neon Lights webcam bundle will catapult your stream into a neon themed night club with a comedy club styled vibe. The webcam bundle includes 4 different webcam versions which are all perfect for your Twitch, YouTube or Facebook stream. The Neon Lights style is a very popular stream theme and can be used for games as well as just chatting. We handcrafted every tube within Blender with a sharp eye on details and realism.

The Neon Lights webcam bundle is inspired by night clubs, night life and comedy clubs as well as bars which often use neon signs to display goods or services. The webcam bundle contains everything you need to start off your stream. We have prepared every tube for you and are ready to ignite.

If you like the Neon style you can also get the webcam overlay inside our Animated Neon Lights Stream Bundle.

The Neon Lights stream bundle contains Stream Alerts, Stream Overlay, Webcam Overlay, Stream Screens (Offline-, Ending-, Intermission-, Starting- and Pause-Screen) and a screen transition.

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Some Extra Information

Ancient / Futuristic

Let the Neon Shine.

The animated Neon Light webcam overlay bundle is made with Blender and After Effects. We aimed for a more realistic feeling then in our other bundles. The animated Neon Lights webcam overlay is a must have for every Neon lover out there. The Neon lights together with the harsh brick wall gives an awesome contrast. The Neon Lights design is also included in Streamlabs Prime.

Animated Webcam Overlay.

Our Animated Webcam Overlays are short videos in .webM format with a length of 30sec. (if not stated otherwise) The Animated Webcam Overlays are Loop-able and easy to use with OBS, Streamlabs and other Stream-Service providers.

The webcam files come in WebM format and are made to fit a 16:9 webcam feed.

Easy to use, Drag and Drop Webcam Overlay. You’ll receive 4 WebM videofiles.

This webcam overlay contains 4 WebM Files.

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