Stellar Dream Stream Package

Stellar Dream Stream Package

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The Stream Overlay Template Bundles by will take your stream to the next level!

Resolution: FullHD
Format: PNG/JPG/WebM/Overlay
Language: English

Whats included?

Stinger Transition

Overlay Bar

Facecam Frame


Introducing the visually captivating "Stellar Dream" Stream Package, a breathtaking cosmic experience that will transport you and your viewers to a world of awe-inspiring beauty. Immerse yourself in a kawaii-infused galaxy, where vibrant shades of purple, pink, and blue blend seamlessly, creating an enchanting, soothing, and refreshing atmosphere.

At the heart of this captivating package is a planet adorned with celestial rings, serving as the focal point of your screens. With its mesmerizing presence, it captures your audience's attention, inviting them to embark on an interstellar journey alongside you.

The meticulously designed graphics and overlays in the "Stellar Dream" Stream Package exude a sense of whimsy and charm, infusing your stream with an irresistible allure. Every element has been thoughtfully crafted, ensuring your stream maintains a cohesive and visually appealing aesthetic.

Animated Screens, Stream Transition, Webcam Overlay, In-game Overlay and Alerts:

Included Stream Alerts

  • Cheer
  • Donation
  • Follower
  • Host
  • Like
  • Member
  • Raid
  • Share
  • Stars
  • Subscriber
  • Super Chat
  • Supporter

Included Stream Screens

  • Starting Screen
  • Pause Screen
  • Ending Screen
  • Intermission Screen
  • Screen Transition
  • Offline Screen


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Some Extra Information

Animated Stream Bundle.

Our Animated stream bundles contain everything you need to set up your stream from 0 to perfect. This animated stream bundle includes animated stream screens, animated stream alerts, animated webcam overlays, a screen transition and an exclusive stream labels in-game overlay to present your top or most recent supporters.

Files come in different resolutions and are made to work with Streamlabs OBS, XSplit, OBS Studio and every other Broadcasting Software.

Includes .overlay file for Streamlabs OBS and widget installation link to import the alerts into streamlabs. Also check our guide on how to import stream overlay into OBS.

This bundle includes the screen package, animated alerts, stream panels, webcam overlay, a screen transition and an exclusive in-game stream label overlay.

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