Pharaoh Stream Panels

Pharaoh Stream Panels


Includes 19% VAT
Includes 19% VAT

The Pharaoh twitch panels are one of a kind and we wanted to make them look as authentic as we could do it. In the Ancient Egypt the people worshiped gods like Anubis, Horus and Ra. The Egyptians were the most advanced civilization in their time and built the most awesome structures the world has ever seen. We took this spirit and tried to translate it into these twitch panels, they’ve got an ancient but also a futuristic aspect.

Streaming panels are awesome to interact with the audience, the better they look the more engaging they are.

The Hexagonal Stream Panels come in 320×100 px and are made to perfectly fit the Panel uploads.

Resolution: 320×100
Format: PNG
Parts: 14

Social Contains only the 7 Social Plates:
Twitter, Youtube, Discord, Dontation, Facebook, Follow and Instagram


Included Panels

  • Donation
  • Hardware
  • About Me
  • Hall Of Fame
  • Subscribe
  • Schedule
  • Chat Rules
  • Follow Me
  • My Games
  • Discord
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Youtube


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Some Extra Information

Ancient / Futuristic

Mixed between ancient and futuristic

The Pharaoh streaming panels come with authentic Egyptian hieroglyphics and cool visual effects. The Egypt worshiped their gods like Anubis, Ra or Horus may your viewers worship you for these awesome twitch panels.


Files come in PNG format and fit the size of the standard twitch channel panels.

Easy to use Panels, just drag and drop on your twitch channel interface.

This Twitch Panel pack contains 14 panels. Social contains 7 panels.

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