Inner Sanctum Stream Template Bundle

Inner Sanctum Stream Template Bundle

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Includes 19% VAT
Includes 19% VAT

The Stream Overlay Template Bundles by will take your stream to the next level!

Resolution: FullHD
Format: PNG/JPG/WebM/Overlay
Language: English

Whats included?

Stinger Transition

Overlay Bar


The Inner Sanctum Stream Template Bundle is the perfect way to liven up your gaming streams. Step into another world and make a statement with this unique and captivating artwork. Using dramatic lighting, fantastic color contrast, and superb quality graphics, the package will instantly hook the attention of your viewers.

Let your imagination take you away to our gaming universe as you transport yourself to a place of mystery that could come straight out of your favorite game. Make it an adventure by immersing yourself in imagery that looks like it was taken right out of the most exotic realms imaginable. The true beauty of this bundle is its ability to create an atmosphere that captures each viewer and transports them on a journey only they can explore!

Be ready to transcend what used to be stream production staples with our thrilling Inner Sanctum Stream Template Bundle! This creative stream asset will provide a level of quality that adds emotion and passion to your content, creating memorable moments between you and your viewers. Step into another world with this emotive piece today!

Animated Screens, Stream Transition, Webcam Overlay, In-game Overlay and Alerts:

Included Stream Alerts

  • Cheer
  • Donation
  • Follower
  • Host
  • Like
  • Member
  • Raid
  • Share
  • Stars
  • Subscriber
  • Super Chat
  • Supporter

Included Stream Screens

  • Starting Screen
  • Pause Screen
  • Ending Screen
  • Intermission Screen
  • Multi Cam Screen/Collaboration Screen (2 cams, 3 cams, 4 cams)
  • Screen Transition
  • Offline Screen



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