Animated 80s Synthwave Screen Bundle


80s Synthwave animated screen bundle


The 80s Synthwave screen bundle will make your Twitch, YouTube or Facebook stream a real Highlight. Bring your viewers back to the glorious 80s and surf along on the Synthwave.

Screens are awesome to give your stream the nice flair it deserves. Flash your viewers with nice animations and a perfectly matching Layout.

Resolution: 1920×1080
Format: WebM
Language: English

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Animated Screens:

The 80s Synthwave screen bundle will catapult your stream into the 80s. The screen bundle includes every screen you need to start your own Twitch, YouTube or Facebook stream. The 80s Synthwave style is a very popular stream theme and takes you back to a time of tube monitors, washed out colors, screen flickering and awesome text effects.

Included Screens

  • Starting Screen
  • Pause Screen
  • Ending Screen
  • Intermission Screen
  • Screen Transition
  • Offline Screen

If you like the 80s Synthwave vibe you can also get these alerts in the 80s Synthwave streambundle.
The 80s Synthwave stream bunlde is inspired by the eighties of course. The Stream Bundles contains everything you need to start off your stream. We have prepared everything for you. If you are using Streamlabs OBS you can just import the overlay file and install the alerts with the link in the readme file.
The 80s Synthwave bundle contains Stream Alerts, Stream Overlay, Stream Screens (Offline-, Ending-, Intermission-, Starting- and Pause-Screen) and a screen transition.

Reviews 1

1 review for 80s Synthwave animated screen bundle


What an amazing customer experience! Everything looks great, they responded to an email with 30 minutes, and the price is just second to none! I will absolutely be recommending this site!

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Some Extra Information

Ancient / Futuristic


The animated 80s Synthwave screen bundle brings the 80s back to your stream. Includes 80s Synthwave styled screens and stream transition (Starting Screen, Pause Screen, Ending Screen, Intermission Screen, Offline Screen).

Animated Stream Screen Package.

Our Animated stream screens are short videos in .webM format with a length of 10sec. (if not stated otherwise) The animated stream screens are made to use with Streamlabs and contain an overlay file for OBS. You can use them for Twitch, Mixer, Youtube and Facebook streams.

Files come in 1920x1080px and are made to work with Streamlabs.

Includes .overlay file for Streamlabs OBS.

This animated screen package contains 5 WebM Files 1 PNG and an overlay file.

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