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Emotes have become an increasingly popular form of expressing emotions and reactions online and offline. One of the most popular emotes on the Twitch streaming platform is MonkaS.

MonkaS shows the face of Pepe the Frog with wide eyes and sweat on his forehead, conveying a sense of fear or anxiety. Since its introduction on Twitch in 2016, MonkaS has become one of the platforms most recognized and widely used emotes, spawning numerous spin-offs and variations.

With this blog post, we will take you to the origins of MonkaS to better understand its meaning and how it became a stable of communication in so many online communities.

The Origin of MonkaS

MonkaS is an emote that shows Pepe the Frog, a popular internet meme character. The image that is used for MonkaS was first seen on the imageboard 4chan around the year 2011. It shows Pepe with wide eyes and nervous sweat on his forehead, conveying a sense of fear or anxiety.

In 2016, Twitch streamer MonkaSenpai noticed the emote and uploaded it to the BetterTTV website on March 17th of that year. Pepe the Frog gained popularity on Twitch and Reddit in the following years. As a result, MonkaS became one of the most popular internet memes.

Today, MonkaS is widely recognized as a symbol of online communication and is used to convey various emotions, from fear and anxiety to shock and disbelief.

What does MonkaS mean?

MonkaS means sweating of nervousness, fear, tension, or general anxiety. Looking at the facial expression shown by the emote, the wide open eyes and sweat dripping down his forehead conveys a strong sense of anxiety, nervousness, or fear.

MonkaS is used all over the internet in online communities like Twitch, Youtube, and Reddit. It is used when the user wants to express anxiety, nervousness, or uncertainty about something. For example, when watching a particularly intense or scary game or waiting for the streamer to announce something, you can use MonkaS to express your feelings.

You can also use MonkaS to convey surprise, shock, or disbelief, for example, in response to an unexpected plot twist in a game or a sudden change in a streamer’s behavior. MonkaS is a versatile emote that can communicate various emotions and reactions. Its popularity in chats of various online communities shows its effectiveness in communicating complex emotions through a simple yet expressive image.

How is MonkaS pronounced?

There are two ways to pronounce MonkaS, depending on the different streamer communities. You can pronounce “mon-kah-as” as two words or “mon-kahs” as one coherent word.

Variations of MonkaS

MonkaS has become such a popular emote that it has spawned several spin-off emotes, each with its unique twist on the original concept. Here are a few examples:

  • MonkaW: This variation of MonkaS features the same wide-eyed, nervous expression but zoomed closer. This makes it look like the character is even more anxious or shocked than in the original emote.
MonkaW Emote a variation of MonkaS zoomed closer
  • MonkaX: This variation distorts the original MonkaS face to create an even more exaggerated expression of fear or panic. The eyes are even wider, and the sweat is more pronounced, giving the emote a more intense and dramatic feel.
MonkaX Emote a variation of MonkaS with wider eyes and more sweat
  • MonkaHmm: This variation of MonkaS shows a more thoughtful expression on the character’s face. The eyes are narrowed, and the sweat is gone, making it look like the character is thinking, skeptical, or waiting for a decision.
MonkaHmm Emote a variation of MonkaS with narrowed eyes and folded hands infront of the mouth.


In this article, we have explored the origin and meaning of the MonkaS emote, as well as its various variations and uses in online communities. We have seen that MonkaS originated from Pepe the Frog, a popular internet meme character. It features wide eyes and nervous sweat on the character’s forehead to convey a sense of fear or anxiety.

We have also seen that MonkaS has become one of the most widely recognized and used emotes on Twitch and other online platforms and has spawned several variations, such as MonkaW, MonkaX, and MonkaHmm. Each with a unique take on the original concept allows users to express various emotions and reactions. In conclusion, MonkaS has significantly impacted online communication, particularly in gaming. It has become a shorthand way to express complex emotions and reactions. It has helped create a shared experience among Twitch users and other online communities. Its popularity shows the power of simple, expressive ways to convey meaning and emotion in the digital age.

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